Manner - Breakdown

Don't miss our new beautiful post breakdown for Manner a project that we did together with Anders Forsman a couple a weeks ago.


Postnord - Breakdown

Together with Peter Harton and Standart we worked on several commercials for Postnord. Most of our work we did on the film "Logistics is boring" where you could see a CG truck doing a quite spectacular turn before parking. Please have a look at the film and breakdown here


A Living Soul

We are very proud to have been involved in the film - A Living Soul. Directed by Henry Moore Selder.
We worked on about 120 CG shots involving many more or less fully CG shots including underwater environments and different CG brains. If you have not read the controversial novel by P C Jersild from 1980 the actual story are about Ypsilon, a human brain kept alive artificially in a laboratory. We follow Ypsilon from consciousness to development of a personality. See trailer here!