A Living Soul

We are very proud to have been involved in the film - A Living Soul. Directed by Henry Moore Selder.
We worked on about 120 CG shots involving many more or less fully CG shots including underwater environments and different CG brains. If you have not read the controversial novel by P C Jersild from 1980 the actual story are about Ypsilon, a human brain kept alive artificially in a laboratory. We follow Ypsilon from consciousness to development of a personality. See trailer here!



Jean Claude Van Damme put out an epic split stunt for Volvo. Filmed in Spain on a closed -off landing strip at sunrise all in one take with two trucks reverse. The most epic of splits.... 


Swiss VFX Supervisor attended the shoot and was deeply involved in the planning of the shoot with our friends at Folke Film. 


The film and the campaing won 3 gold in EPICA. The Epic split for best online film.


The Louvre in France has asked for it to have in its exhibition which must be the ultimate goal for all commercial work. It has been all over the news in the world and has more than 50 millions views on youtube. It is the 5th most shared ad globally the last 365 days and it has only been out for 11 days now...

More to come on this subject.




Thomas Ravelli - Our hero from 94

A tribute to our hero from the World Cup - 94. When we first met up with Ravelli in Gothenburg he thought the situation was a bad joke or something from the hidden camera. Who wouldn't...  Alone with a guy in a hotel room who says that the pictures that he is taking will convert him to a CG house with several floors on the Swedish west coast.
It was privelage doing this ad together with Robert at Camp David and King