Unicef - Three wise men

Swiss took the opportunity to do some pro bono work for a good cause in collaboration with Acne Production and Forsman & Bodenfors for Unicef. One of the major tasks was depicting a fictional city of Bethlehem as an establishing shot in the commercial named "Three Wise Men", directed by Tomas Skoging and Torbjörn Martin. The goal was to construct a busy, crowded-looking shot of a city as if seen through a long lens. Marko Ljubez from Swiss was on location for a few days to supervise the shoot and with the rest of the crew in Ouarzazate, Morocco. The main shoot took place at the grand Atlas Studios. Marko was also collecting material around Ait Benhaddou and other parts of the desert in preparation for the mattepaintings that had to be created. We then finished the job in a 10 day post schedule.
We are proud of the result. Let us know what you think. Swiss hopes it will help Unicef to sell a lot of Christmas presents this year.


Director: Tomas Skoging

Production Company: Acne Productions

Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors


VFX Supervisor: Marko Ljubez

Producer: Erik Holmedal

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