Volvo - XCTravels

In December we flew to Iceland with Alphabetical Order and ACNE Production.  After three days in 4WD cars in beautiful environments at Brunasandor we came home with the Icelandic specialty; dried fish or Hardfiskur and alot of time lapse material of a river. After 30 days of hard work together with Alphabetical Order, Acne and Forsman & Bodenfors we had created very nice TVC for Volvo.


Director: Alphabetical Order

Production Company: Acne Productions

Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors

Swiss Team

VFX Supervisor: Leo Wilk

Producer: Emma Rosas Hott

2D and 3D artists

Markus Bergqvist

David Holmedal

Simon Ekeberg

Erik Björkland

Mikael Engzell

Jon Green

Carl Edlund

Rasmus Pultz

Malte Önnestam

Emma Sandblom

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